Wold Family Reunion 2012 – a great gathering!

This year’s Wold Family Reunion was awsome!

There were quite a few family members that attended and I was so excited to meet my relatives that I had never met. I have put photos of the reunion in the Media Gallery for you to check out.

It will take a while but I will try to identify the folks in the photos which will help our genealogy folks.

Wold family members who attended the July 14, 2012 family reunion

Ancestry.com family tree

As a beginner in geneaology, I tried a bunch of different apps.  Many were very complex – others were not robust enough.  I started and stopped about 10 times.  Over the years my interest wained but I kept finding myself wondering about my heritage.  One of my coworkers was really into geneaology and he peaked my interest once again.  I got back into Ancestry.com and started searching.  I was amazed how much I was able to find.  There are a few tips that you may want to know about.  I will post them on occasion.

Tip #1:  When adding a new hint to your tree, if the hint includes ‘New’ people, verify that they are indeed ‘New’ – simple spelling or capitalization of words may cause Ancestry to be unable automatically match the names.  There is a link you should click on that says ‘Not a new person?’ – click on that and if you know the name you can look for it – if it sees anything close, it will present it for you to pick.   Doing this will keep you from having doubles of names in your tree that you have to clean up.